sleepy Sunday afternoon

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Tom has continued to use the lower level of the double decker cat bed, which pleases me.

Apparently he thought that me taking his picture meant he hadda get up, though, which he was less than thrilled about.

A closeup of Tom's face. He's out of the bed now, & looking off to the left, with his ears stuck out to the side.

If I gotta be awake at least pet me Mom.

An even closer closeup. He's glaring into the camera.

Loiosh spent HOURS tucked into this cat cave. It’s one of his favourite places these days.

Loiosh, curled up into a tiny ball in the depths of a white fluffy cat cave.

It took me a bit to find Hades — I’m used to him being in the bed atop the shelves in my room, but instead he’d managed to wedge himself into the basket that holds my tank tops.

Pretty much Hades is a ball of black fluff stuffed into a rectangular basket. There's that ear, though.

It also took a while to get a decent picture, because he’s a black, longhaired cat. In this one, there’s at least an ear visible to show he’s not a pillow, which is what he looked like in all the others I took.

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