the road to Battlemoor — everything else edition

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I really _do_ love New Mexico. It’s GORGEOUS.

It was also really, really good to be back on the road again.

Another shot from behind the wheel, the road leading through & between mesas.

I spent the first several hours driving through northern new Mexico, which is lovely, especially so since it was nearly all new roads for me. Eventually I got to Colorado, passing through Durango & Pagosa Springs on the way to Wolf Creek Pass.

Somewhere along the way I realized — re-remembered? — how much Colorado is my heart’s home. The green, the mountains, the swift-rushing streams. The blue, blue sky. I’d forgotten, these past couple years in New Mexico, but there’s no forgetting it again, I don’t think.

A precipitous mountain pass, with evergreen trees cloaking the sides & the glint of a rushing mountain stream at the bottom. In the distance are lower, more rounded hills against a bright but cloudy sky.

I got to thinking about how I might move back. There’s no easy way, at least not with what I have right now, but I’m not gonna call it impossible. At one point, not even thinking hard about it, I muttered under my breath, “The next time I move to Colorado, I’m not leaving it again.”

There was. A sound? A not-sound. As if someone had taken one of those big Chinese gongs & whacked it REALLY hard. But not the sound, just the concussion of the air hit me. It was.

I described it to a friend once I got to Battlemoor, & she said ‘Yep, it’s the clue-bat’. I’m not sure it was. It felt more like ‘oath accepted’.

I uh. Didn’t _mean_ to make an oath?


A closeup on feathery yarrow leaves growing out of a bed of gravel.

But. I miss the wildflowers. I miss the tall, straight pines. I miss the snow. I miss the cold, clear streams.

Against a backdrop of evergreen & bright deciduous trees, a mountain stream rushes through rapids.

I don’t honestly know if I’ll ever be able to move back to Colorado. Even if I win the lottery tomorrow (the which I won’t, as I don’t have a ticket), I’ve got stuff to do here first, commitments & plans.

But sometime, someday, yes, I do want to move back to Colorado.

My feet in the water. It was COLD.

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