Battlemoor — Mostly Hades Edition

(by Ivar)

My friend Ivar, who makes excellent pottery, took this picture of Hades, & I think it sums up both Hades’ natural magnificence, & also his truly spectacular talent at getting himself ENTIRELY TANGLED.

In any case, I usually don’t take a lot of Hades pictures because he’s a longhaired black cat & pretty often winds up being a fluffy blot, but I got a LOT of good Hades pictures this Battlemoor.

In a WIDE variety of exciting circumstances. For example, this was his first trip in a golf cart.

Hades & Loiosh, seen from behind from about the shoulders up, looking down a wide path through the woods with an SCA encampment to the right.

He was kinda worried, but as usual when I have both him & Loiosh out somewhere, he looks to Loiosh to find out if a thing is safe. Loiosh has had plenty of golf cart rides, so Hades was thus assured that it was Just Fine.

Both boys looking out the front of a golf cart again; this time they're looking out to the sides.

He & Loiosh spent a bunch of time snuggled on my spare chair, even when it was pretty hot out. I don’t know?? But they were happy.

The boys are sprawled on their sides, facing each other. They're holding paws & Loiosh has one hindleg propped up on Hades' side.

They were holding paws. <3


They got to see a friend again! Morpheus was a tiny scrap of ferocious black fur last year. Now he’s HUGE.

Loiosh is pretending to ignore him, but check out the ears. He knows perfectly well Morpheus us there, & he is Not Okay With It. (photo by Morpheus’s mom.)

Morpheus, a large shorthaired black cat, lays in his large cat stroller, looking out at Loiosh, who's sprawled on a chair, pretending to ignore Morpheus. His ears are indication annoyance, though.

I had sewn this lovely backdrop for the booth, & I’m glad I sewed the ties on REALLY well, because Hades climbed the back of it several times, & once made himself a hammock using the backdrop & my chair. I had to sit catty-corner for like two hours, because he was where my head is supposed to go.

Hades is basically enclosed in fabric -- white canvas above him & to the right, & he's laying on basically a hammock of patterned red fabric.

All in all Hades had a really good War. He’s pretty much used to the whole ‘living in a tent’ concept, & he LOVES having so many people visit him.

Hades, laying half on his side & half on his back, on a folded-up piece of red fabric. There's a lot of belly involved.

Also he is VERY patient, & that’s a VERY good thing.

Hades is in the same spot, but this time he's curled up, & also covered in tiny pinkish plant pieces.

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