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I’ve spent most of the week working on what I’m calling ‘tinker’s wagon infrastructure’, or stuff that’s gonna make the build easier — from buying a bench vise to making cutting guides specifically tailored to work with my roommate’s circular saw, thus allowing me, for the first time in my life, to cut wood, or indeed anything, in a straight line.

But more about that next week! Due to circular saw issues, I spent the latter part of last week on another task I’ve been putting off, that of Making My Space Pretty.

Above you’ll see the purple shelf I finally got hung up, & gorgeously adorned with pretty things. It’s above my desk, so that I can look up & see it there.

My scarves have been stuffed into a box for months; I finally got a dowel sanded & painted & hung up to hang them from. This also serves as sort of a closet door, since I took the actual thing off.

The dowel was _just_ a smidge short & also I can’t leave well enough alone, so the ends got custom finials.

While I had the copper stuff out I made a plant hanger for my jade plant, so Hades can’t knock it off the back of the toilet AGAIN. Note, also, the use of Excellent Beads by Ivar.

… I might, however, need to move the whole business up a bit.

Lastly, after consultation with my roommates because the common area belongs to all of us, I hung the lap quilt I bought in Hawai’i next to the fireplace.

It’s getting really pretty around here. <3

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