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[ At the top of a sheet of paper hung on a clipboard is a pair of cat silhouettes, with a space for the date between them; the space has been filled with ‘december 26 – january 1’ in purple calligraphy. Below that is a grid of eight small rectangles. Seven have the days of the week, starting with Monday; pawprints, in purple, track through the eighth one. In the center are two larger rectangles, one labeled ‘weekly specials’, the other ‘stuff to get’. At the bottom are two more blocks. One is labeled ‘this week’s focus’ and has been filled with the word ‘refrotz’; the other bears the label ‘just for me’ and says ‘fucking nap’. The entire design is colorful; each box is outlined in a different color, and the borders are drawn in a variety of patterns as well. ]

Monday! Monday’s my reset day, when I clear the decks to get ready for the week, & figure out what I’m gonna focus on. I actually like Mondays. I know, WEIRD, but it’s not like I get weekends off ANYWAY, I might as well.

It’s an important part of my routine, it’s the anchor for a lot of things I need to do once a week — like scoop the litterboxen! — & it’s something I haven’t been able to do properly since about a year ago.

BUT NOW I not only have my desk, I have my desk set up with the Things, & I also have the printer set up with the Things, & that means that I can print out my weekly schedule/todo thinger, as seen above. I’m outsourcing my brain! Because I can only remember so many things at a time! Plus it’s pretty, which means I like looking at it.

This is made possible my having my printer set up properly:


[ A good-sized HP printer, slightly less white than when it was first purchased, sits atop a black pressboard cabinet. On top of the printer are a couple sheets of labels; they’re not legible at this angle but they’re clearly the purple oval labels I use. ]

It was a lot easier getting the cabinet upstairs than it would’ve been if the bottom drawer, which was FULL of already-printed labels, unprinted label sheets, & random fun types of paper, hadn’t been invaded my EFFING KANGAROO RATS sometime over the summer. They pooped all over EVERYTHING, I hadda throw away all of those lovely labels & bleach everything.

FORTUNATELY I had a bunch more blank label sheets in plastic clamshell boxes, so I probably only lost a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff, not several hundred. Still, a setback. I’ve got a lot I need to print out again, & it’s gonna take a while, since running the printer takes a fair amount of energy & I can only do so much in a day before I run the batteries out.

…there’s more solar panels on the way. Again. Still. We just get more every couple months. We’ll get there.

IN THE MEANTIME it’s not like there’s nothing ELSE I can do here. At my desk.


[ It’s my desk! The laptop shows a grid of Progress Pride flags, set up to be printed as stickers. My weekly schedule thinger hangs right above the cat bed. The lamp, sitting on top of a wood crate at the right side of the desk, has a purple lampshade, because have you MET me. ]

Yep, I posted about my desk a couple weeks ago. I’m posting about it again, because I am REALLY, REALLY HAPPY TO HAVE IT BACK.

Everything’s just better when my Things are in their Places.

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