process: I can make Stuff now!

[ A grouping of several brown glass bottles of various sizes sits on a folding table, along with a fancy recipe book, a couple of glass measuring cups in various sizes, a plastic bin with cupcake-shaped hunks of beeswax inside, and a yellow foam sword. ]

I don’t have a lot of space! Everything is sort of shoved under & around & on top of everything else! BUT! I’m set up enough that I can make stuff!

Check it out, I made salve!


[ A double row of glass bottles, each filled with pale yellow salve. They sit on a wooden table; behind them is a stack of white folded shipping boxes. ]

… course that folding table in the first picture isn’t near level enough to pour things, so I made salve on the shipping station table, & there it sits, waiting for labels, which are on hold til I’ve fixed the printer … y’all know how it goes.

BUT I can stir things on the folding table, & fill bottles, & set out a bunch of essential oils so I can make more massage oil, & that’s a LOT more than I’ve been able to do since last April.

Also: my microwave stand! Which I have MISSED, it’s so perfect for how I do things.


[ A wooden stand, somewhat over a yard tall, with shallow drawers at the top. Below those are a deeper drawer filled with bottles and a shelf holding gallon jugs of water, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil. On the floor below the shelf are more small bottles. On top of the stand is a microwave and a three-gallon water cooler. ]

It holds most of my essential oils & a whole bunch of the other ingredients I use most, plus bottle & jar lids & a crapton of other stuff. I found it on the side of the road, probably ten years ago. I love it so.

Also herbs!


[ A set of black shelves holds a variety of containers filled with herbs: glass jars, plastic jugs, a basket filled with ziploc bags, bigger bags made from silver foil. On the top shelf are a number of glass jars filled with infused oils. A simple camping chair with a blanket on it sits in front of the shelves. ]

Not all my herbs — I’m missing a bunch, there must be another box in the storage thing somewhere — but enough to be going on with. It’ll do.

& good thing, too, I need to make more of just about everything.

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