soap shelves!

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I haven’t posted nearly enough pictures of this in process, so here’s a bunch now that it’s done!

I needed WAY more room for backstock soaps, & these shelves provide more than enough. They’re entirely reclaimed wood — mostly from pallets, with the longer uprights coming from an old fence. Took a bunch of sanding, mostly with the flap wheel. They’ve turned out nicely rustic. Definitely a style which my entire lack of skill in cutting things evenly works well with.

Et voila!

The same shelves, now up against a wall! The vertical parts are a deep purple & the horizontal bits are a nice ocean blue.

I didn’t even do that thing where you paint the wood & then sand it come to simulate wear. I just kind of painted it lightly & wherever the paint didn’t fill a crack or whatever, hey! Rustic!

A view looking up at the bottom of some of the shelves.

I totally saved the boards with interesting edges for the front.

Looking down at the front edge of a couple shelves -- one is nicely beveled, & another is rounded. Both also have holes where screws & nails were pulled out.

It’s Tom-approved!

The bottom four shelves now hold cardboard boxes full of soap. Tom's sitting next to the shelves, looking faintly skeptical.
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