look sometimes there’s just gonna be random cat pictures

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[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, sits at the top of the ship’s ladder in my house. His tail trails down to the step below him, and he’s looking right at the camera with big yellow eyes. ]

Someone mentioned recently that I haven’t posted any pictures of Major Tom in a while, which is true, so here’s one. He’s doing well, napping on the bed a lot, chasing Sigdis & Marisol around when they’re all in the mood for it. & letting loose the occasional MOW, which usually has us making sure he’s inside because it really SOUNDS like he’s outside, maybe he slipped out the door??

… cats

Conveniently, Loiosh was also on the stairs at the time.


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is sitting about halfway up the stairs. He’s facing the same direction as Tom, but his tail is stretched out on the step behind him. His eyes are mostly closed; I caught him in the middle of making blinky eyes. ]

Actually I’m not sure if blinky eyes or actually mostly asleep, because the next time I saw him he was like this.


[ Loiosh is curled up in his cat bed, face tucked up under one of his forepaws. He is the most adorable cat ever possible. ]

Did I poke at him once I was done taking pictures? Of course I did, have you MET me.

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