Woods Day, big rocks edition

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[ A really, really big boulder is visible through a break in the trees. Above it is that ridiculous blue Colorado sky. ]

First thing I usually do upon finding a new Woods Day spot is take a little wander around, just to see what looks like fun. Y’all know me; a big pile of rocks is DEFINITELY gonna be fun.

Y’all ALSO know that hell YEAH, I climbed that thing.

The view from up top was simply ASTONISHING.


[ In the foreground, rank after serried rank of conifers; beyond them rise similarly clad mountains. One on the right edge of the shot bears a dusting of snow at its peak. ]

So was the view on the way up — I just love the smoothed-off, weathered shapes. & that sky? I didn’t edit this pic at ALL. It just looked like this.


[ It’s almost a wall of rock, but big, cracked rocks, curved on the edges by rain and wind. The sky above is a particularly rich blue. ]

On the way back down I found this rock. I think those grooves may be from a glacier? They’re not QUITE parallel, though, so who knows.


[ A broad, flat section of rock bears nearly-parallel, linear gouges. ]

I just really love the little pocket landscapes you wind up with here.


[ A small flat piece of ground thickly covered in pine needles — surrounded by a wall of tall rocks behind, a scattering of shorter rocks to the right and in front, and a few conifers to the left. ]

Colorado is just. So. Damn. Gorgeous.

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