cats: Dramatical Posing edition

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands on rocky ground, hindlegs splayed as if for balance, glaring at a tree branch directly in front of his nose. ]

So Woods Day happened again this weekend, & I took SO MANY pictures, SO many. But I still don’t know why this branch in particular was so annoying to Loiosh.

Anyway he eventually went under which I GUESS was Effort or something.


[ He’s walking forward towards the camera, ducking under the branch; his ears are eloquent of his feelings about this. ]

He did manage some Dramatical Posing, though! He’s just taking his time getting the hang of it again.


[ Loiosh is standing on a nice big rock, with a couple pine trees & deep blue sky in the background. His hindpaws are pointing off to the right, as is his head, but his forepaws are aimed off in different directions, and his tail is lashy. ]

One more try …


[ The rest of him is basically in the same post, but he’s lifted his head to the correct Dramatical Posing position, and is gazing grandly off to the left. ]

THERE we go.

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