cats: dunwanna edition

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[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, stands at the edge of a big rock, looking down on the trees below. ]

Tom is usually all about Woods Day, and he followed me along happily enough when I went rock climbing.

But once I settled down to work on the day’s faery home decor piece, he disappeared.

Which happens. Sometimes he finds a good palce to flop that isn’t in my line of sight, sometimes he needs to go bug hunting, sometimes he just buggers off for a bit on mysterious cat errands. But this time he was gone for a while, so I went looking.

& found him in a place I really hadn’t expected him to go.


[ Tom’s sitting in the driver’s seat. He’s staring at the back of the seat, refusing to look at the camera. ]

I just … Tom, I feel like you’re missing the point, here.


[ Tom’s turned his head the other way. There’s a patch of sunlight on his left ear. His tail is lashy. ]

He’s just not admitting to anything, is what. But sure, stay inside on a beautiful day, I GUESS.

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