the road to Battlemoor — cats edition

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They weren’t entirely thrilled about being back in the van, but they’re patient boys. They did okay.

They even managed to hang out in close proximity without killing each other! Much!

Loiosh & Major Tom meatloafed next to each other on the front seat of the van. Neither of them looks particularly thrilled with the idea.

There was peace for a full half-minute after I took that picture! Then there was violence, but, well, cats.

I stopped a couple times to let them out for a bit. This was halfway up Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado, which, it turns out, is GORGEOUS when you can actually see it.

(The last time I went up Wolf Creek Pass it was snowing like hell & I had to be careful not to die, so not much time for sightseeing.)


A view down a precipitous mountain pass, with evergreen trees & a mountain stream running at the bottom. In the foreground is Loiosh, looking down the pass with attentive ears. The person holding the camera also has a pretty good grip on his leash.

Major Tom was less impressed.

The same mountain pass from a different angle, with part of the road descending in the background. Major Tom, trailing his leash, is looking off to the side with ambivalent ears.

Plus it was windy, so they all got back in the van pretty quick.

Major Tom sits on the front seat of the van, this time seen from outside. He's staring fixedly at something off to the right.
Hades sits in a Most Dignified Manner on the cat bed between the front seats of the van.

This is Major Tom’s default position whenever I get out of the van but don’t let them out, so basically every time I stop to get gas or something I have to hip-check him back out of the way.

GENTLY. I hip-check him GENTLY.

Major Tom again, sprawled on the driver's seat. He's mostly relaxed but his ears are attentive -- he's waiting for me to hip-check him out of the way.

The next day I stopped for maybe half an hour around Marshall Pass, in a lovely little boondocking spot next to a creek. Of course I stuck my feet in! But that’s a later post. The boys got to wander — I didn’t even put their leashes on — & I had a lovely chicken salad sandwich.

Loiosh, sniffing intently at a large hole in the base of a treetrunk.

It turns out that my chicken salad does, indeed, bring all the boys to the yard.

There's a container of chicken salad & also a chicken salad sandwich, & both Hades & Major Tom are VERY interested.


Yes, I gave them some chicken salad. I’m a sucker.

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