short takes: shelves! that are purple!

2023 12 31 15.24.13

[ A tall set of shelves with three drawers set into the bottom. The inside has been painted pale lavender, the shelves and drawer fronts are slightly darker, and the outsides have been painted dark purple with repeated simple geometric shapes painted on in lavender. The shelves are mostly occupied by a variety of baskets. ]

Yes, there’s still uncovered insulation in my room (I’m working on THAT this week) BUT having my sweet purple shelves in here? HELL YEAH, they make it look SO MUCH better. Plus storage; what’s not to love?

This was a plain set of pressboard shelves finished in We’re Not Even Trying To Pretend This Is Wood veneer, until I got my hands on it. It is, of course, the same colors I use on display boxes in the booth, the same ones I used on Tyrava a couple years later.

The decor is extra-geeky! I dug around online for images of Corded Ware pottery & saved a bunch of pics until I had enough patterns to go all the way around the edges. What, me, only use one pattern? AHAHAHAHA no, I am extra at all times it is possible to be extra.

… okay, I think this is gonna be one of the few short takes posts with more than one picture, because the patterns aren’t very visible in the wide shot.

2024 01 09 16.31.31

[ A close view of the top drawer and the bottom shelf. The border between the drawer and the shelf, and the vertical side border next to it, both have repeating geometric patterns painted on in pale lavender paint. One is parallel zigzags between two parallel straight lines, another is a straight line between two rows of dots, a third is a straight line with short lines of varying length sticking out on either side, and another is diamond shapes between parallel lines, with dots in the middle of each. ]

It needs some touching up — this thing has been moved SEVERAL more times than most furniture these days is built to stand up to — but that’s easy enough. & I just LOVE how it looks, & how it adds color & interest to the room.

(the extra storage space ain’t bad either tbh)

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