short takes: BUG BUTT

2023 07 31 18.52.01

[ A long, narrow black beetle, perhaps an inch long, crouches on bare sandy dirt, butt up in the air. ]

Around here we call this a stink bug.

It’s not actually a stink bug by definition; it’s a beetle, which is a different classification of insects than bugs, & also its stink defense is not ‘stinks when crushed’ (although it probably does), but rather ‘stinks you when you get too close’. Specifically by standing on its head & spraying stink at you.

… they’re not honestly very stinky. The smell certainly hasn’t stopped Remy from trying to make friends with any stink bug that wanders past. What they are, really, is hilarious, & sometimes I gotta write an entire post just so I can yell BUG BUTT BUG BUTT BUG BUTT about it a couple times.

Can’t come up with a good leading question here, but if you wanna join me in yelling BUG BUTT, you’re very welcome to do so.

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