cats: the value of a good blanket

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is sitting on my bed, under a red, white and black plaid blanket. He’s looking over his shoulder at the blanket, ears perked. ]

Tom loves blankets. They’re like couches; soft, comfy, & generally only appearing in houses. He really likes living in houses; they keep the weather outside, & also the coyotes. He doesn’t like coyotes. He EXTREMELY likes couches.

There’s no couches where he lives yet — we don’t have the room — but he’s got my bed to sleep on, & he’s got this blanket, which he’s totally claimed as his. Jasper thinks this is hilarious, so of course he hadda tuck Tom in.

Tom’s pretty okay with this, it turns out.


[ He’s in the same spot, but looking forward, now, thoughtfully. ]

He was so happy he was purring loud enough to be heard several feet away, & also, he hadda give someone headbonks about it.


[ His face is pretty close to the camera, so it’s overexposed and also blurry. One of Jasper’s fingers is just visible to the left, giving Tom something to whack his massive head into. Tom looks extremely pleased — one eye is squinched almost shut, and his whiskers are stuck extremely forward. ]

… just after which he whacked his massive head into my camera. Technically there’s a picture, but it’s entirely blank because he knocked the camera out of my hand & it fell face down.


ANYWAY even with needing The Love he was still tucked in. A little bit, anyways.


[Tom’s hinder parts. His tail, and just a bit of his butt, are, indeed, still just under the edge of the blanket. ]

& then he hadda knead about it, but if he’s gonna knead it’s gotta be on his blanket.


[ Tom’s back on his blanket, facing a bit away from the camera, both forepaws buried deep in the fabric. He’s very focused on what he’s doing. ]

I am so very glad I took the time to make friends with him.

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