cats: yes, it’s Random Cat Picture Time again

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is being held in a kind of sitting up position by the person behind him; there’s too many hands in the way for his belly to be visible, but one hindpaw is sticking out, in the very beginnings of doing Stretchy Toes. ]

Just a couple Random Cat Pics to start the week, because I’m low-brain again & cat pics are easy. I spent some time showing CJ how to get Loiosh to do Stretchy Toes; the boy was … intermittently cooperative.

Couple days later me & Morgyn did a road trip up to Salida to pick up packages (more solar panels YAY) & of course Loiosh came along.

There were Many Naps.


[ A close view of Loiosh’s face. He’s hunkered on a black fleece jacket in between the front seats, head hanging low over his forepaws. He looks pretty asleep. ]

I wouldn’t have minded a nap myself, but, welp.


[ Loiosh in the same spot, but seen from above. His butt is shoved up against the side of the drivers seat. I guess that’s comfortable. ]

Also I thought Sunday was Saturday & was gonna post this Caturday pic of Tom but Mastodon was being a butt so it didn’t post anyway, which is fine, because Not Actually Caturday.


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is flopped on a bed, part of his vast belly showing. One forepaw is stuck out in front of him. He’s got resting nap face. ]

More pics from the drive soon, I hope — I got a LOT of landscape pics, & I just hope my crappy cell phone managed to get ANY that look okay.

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