cats: Tom’s turn to inspectigate

[ The same view in the side door of the van as in the last post. Insulation! Everywhere! ]

Major Tom was outside when I opened up the side door to get pictures of all the insulation — but instead he decided to go in the back door, which was also open, because Morgyn & Jasper went food shopping & also brought home the EVEN BIGGER crate for Remy, who is EVEN BIGGER.

An asplore!


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is scaling a tilted cardboard box in the back of the van. Under and behind the box is, you guessed it, more insulation. Tom’s tail is, as usual, lashing. ]

He’s gonna be mad that Remy got something new & he didn’t. I’d give him the box, but there isn’t room for it, unless I use it to cover more of the walls in here, which I’m gonna do. Someday there will be cat boxes again!

But he does get to explore outside, & he loves that.

(We’re really hoping to get an actually catio done this summer, along with everything the hell else.)

Climbing climbing!


[ Tom has reached the top of the cardboard box, and is now standing on — you guessed it — a bag of insulation. ]

After which of course I hadda dash around & try to get a couple good pictures of him from the side door, which would have gone a LOT better if I hadn’t had my entire THUMB in the way (thumb has been summarily cropped).


[ Seen now from the side door, Tom’s sitting on a bag of insulation, looking off to the right and also kinda cranky. ]

& then he dashed back down the box, out the back door, & probably caught a kangaroo rat for all I know.

(Cropped out of the PICTURE. My thumb is still attached. YOU PEOPLE.)

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