January 2022


cats: blurry rolling edition

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby with a white belly, is laying mostly on his back on a wood floor, head turned to watch a shadow next to him. Most of him is pretty blurry. ] Look, they’re all horrible pics, I KNOW, but he was chasing shadows & it was HILARIOUS.


cats: way up high edition

[ The view up a paneled wall from below. There’s a loft, and an orange cat head peeking out, looking to the left. ] There is a loft in the bedroom, & sometimes, this makes things a Little Exciting.


cats: how much is that kitten

[ Sitting on the ledge of an open window in the bathroom is a very small calico cat. The window is hinged at the top and open; she’s mostly hunkered behind the bottom frame around the glass. ] Who’s that tiny cat in the window? It’s Marisol!


cats: tiny cat edition

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is sitting on a bed covered by a nice quilt, looking off to the right. His ears and whiskers are perked forwards. ] But Loiosh is a cat-sized cat! What do I mean by tiny cat? Only this.

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