cats: way up high edition

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[ The view up a paneled wall from below. There’s a loft, and an orange cat head peeking out, looking to the left. ]

There is a loft in the bedroom, & sometimes, this makes things a Little Exciting.

Loiosh is much less of an Up Cat than he used to be — though he won’t admit to it — but every once in a while he gets a wild hair & just has to go Up. Up is usually preceeded by a lot of Around The Surrounding Area Really Fast, which is kinda nice, because then I know when to look for him eight feet up a tree, waiting for a stack of fencers to get him back down. Yes, this HAS happened before.

Fortunately the loft has a nice human-climbable ladder.

Not that he needed help getting down THIS time. Not that he WANTED to get down at the time. He was in An Mood.


[ He’s gazing out over the expanse of the bedroom, ears and whiskers extremely forward. ]



[ He’s staring straight down at the camera, eyes wide. ]



[ He’s caught in the process of ducking his head behind the loft railing, eyes still wide. ]

After which he leapt back down & galloped across the house, because: An Mood.

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