cats: how much is that kitten

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[ Sitting on the ledge of an open window in the bathroom is a very small calico cat. The window is hinged at the top and open; she’s mostly hunkered behind the bottom frame around the glass. ]

Who’s that tiny cat in the window?

It’s Marisol!


[ Marisol has lifted her head a bit, and she’s staring at the camera through the window glass, eyes wide. Her tail hangs down from the window ledge. ]

She’s still wary around me so she noped out pretty quick.


[ Marisol has moved to the end of the window ledge and is preparing to jump down. Her head is out from behind the glass and one white-tipped forepaw stretches downward. ]

One …


[ Both forepaws have landed on the white porcelain sink. The rest of her is above that point, with just the tip of her tail still in the window. ]

Two …


[ Marisol has landed on the sink and is leaning over the edge, preparing to leap down to the floor. ]

… three.

& then she nyoomed off too quick for me to get another picture.

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