cats: extremely obstreporous tomcat edition

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[ A white person wearing hiking gear and a bright orange hat stands atop a boulder, arms outspread, grinning. ]

So what with one thing & another me & Morgyn decided to go for a hike Christmas afternoon. True, this isn’t one of my traditional Christmas activities, but sometimes you just gotta.

See, one of the Christmas presents Jasper picked up for the cats was a packet of silvervine — I’d thought it was basically nip sticks but apparently it’s another plant entirely? With totally different make-cats-happy chemicals? Anyway it turns out most of the cats are ‘meh’ but Tom got APPALLINGLY st0ned Christmas morning & was … obstreporous.

Like. Ripping around the house obstreporous.

So me & Morgyn took his HAIRY ASS for a walk.

He had a lovely stroll & wasn’t at ALL a Problem.


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is walking towards the camera, gaze off to the left. Behind him are several stands of dry grass or rabbitbrush, and behind that rise tall ponderosa pines. ]

…. AHAHAHA I’m lying, he bolted around a bunch, dug eight holes in the side of a hill & didn’t poop in ANY of them, & very nearly got so far into the crawlspace under someone’s house that I couldn’t reach the end of the leash to haul him back out.


[ He’s taken a couple steps closer and stopped. His very long whiskers hang halfway down his chest. ]

I’m just glad that 1) I’m quick, & 2) I put the leash on him, cos I thought about leaving it off — I usually do on Woods Day — but we were still gonna be close to houses.

THAT woulda been exciting. I don’t LIKE crawlspaces.

Anyway we at least wore him out a LITTLE bit.


[ Tom’s sitting now, still looking off to the left. ignoring me entirely. ]

& we had fun, too. Turns out Morgyn likes to climb big rocks as much as I do.


[ They’re crouched down on the rock now, one hand on their walking stick, the other reaching out and down to the right. ]

We even tried for a Combined Dramatical Action Shot …


[ It’s more-or-less the same pic, but with the camera held at an angle to show the long slope of the rock down & to the right. ]

… but a tomcat declined to cooperate.


[ Tom is sitting down near the base of the rock, leash trailing off behind him, ears stuck out to the sides,  clearly not at ALL inclined to climb up the rock and give anyone a headbonk OR a good photo-op. ]

… cats.

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