cats: tiny cat edition

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is sitting on a bed covered by a nice quilt, looking off to the right. His ears and whiskers are perked forwards. ]

But Loiosh is a cat-sized cat! What do I mean by tiny cat?

Only this.


[ Loiosh is hunkered up on my bed, head bent down to give affectionate headbonks to an orange beanie baby kitten laying on the bed. ]

I was given this adorable beanie baby by Baroness Maria at Caer Galen Midwinter, but obviously it’s actually Loiosh’s kitten, I just hold it in his name.

Not that getting this pic was easy. Loiosh has been snuggling his baby, but he’s extremely reluctant to have his picture taken while he’s at it. I hadda lure him into place:


[ Loiosh is in basically the same spot, but my hand is visible, scratching his neck in just the right place to make him hold his head just over the kitten. ]

The process continues, in reverse:


[ Loiosh is sitting near the kitten, but isn’t bent down over it at all and his forepaws are sprawled kinda awkwardly; a hand is visible reaching in from outside the shot to pet him behind an ear. ]

Yet earlier in the process, but just after I plopped him on the bed:


[ Loiosh is sitting on the bed, looking just to the left of the camera; his kitten is laying at his forepaws, and his head is blurry with motion. ]

Cat photography can really be A Thing, some days, is what.

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