process: surprise loot edition

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[ A tangle of short electrical cables sits on a white table. The ends of most of them are stripped, revealing bundles of thick copper wires. ]

So we’re renting this place for the winter from a guy we call The Dude, cos 1) we can’t remember his name & also 2) he looks like The Dude, but queer. He’s pretty cool.

He was here a couple days ago, checking in on the place & touching base with us, & we got to talking, & I showed him one of my faery home decor pieces. He duly admired it, & I commented that I mostly work with scrap copper.

A bit later he ducked into the shed to find a thing or two that he needed, & get it properly closed up for the winter, & came out with a good-sized handful of cables. As see above. & then he gave them to me.

“Can you use these?” he asked. I didn’t manage to make any actual words, but the wide eyes & grabby hands & signed “Thank you” got the message across, I’m pretty sure.

The black-wrapped stuff is all 14g, I think, which I ran out of AGES ago & have really missed. It’s almost as sturdy as 12g but it’s a LOT easier to make intricate shapes from. & now I have a BUNCH.

[ The ends of two thick cabes, each with around sixteen lengths of thick copper wire sticking out. ]

This stuff is maybe 10g? REALLY thick, works well for bracelets. There’s not near as much of it as the 14g, but there’s still several feet, & for this stuff, that’s a LOT.

[ Three bits of really thick copper wire twine around each other. ]

& of course some bog-standard 12g. This is the easiest to find, usually; it’s the default gauge for home electrical wiring, & there’s a lot of it scattered around. Always useful.


[ A length of thick copper wire, and a couple lengths of coated wire, are bunched together, wrapped in thicker coating. ]

It’s gonna be fun to see what I make from all this!

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