March 2021



[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is laying in a cat bed covered in purple batik fabric. He’s got his legs splayed in the classic ‘yes I’m washing THERE pose, and his head is blurry. ] I caught the boy in a private moment earlier. Fortunately this doesn’t bother him.


it’s a MIRACLE

[ It’s a Royal Danish butter cookies tin. The kind we all found as kids, and pried open, expecting cookies, only to find sewing supplies. ] Y’all know what’s in this, right?



[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is standing on my desk, looking pointedly over my shoulder & out the window. ] Guess who is BORED OUT OF HIS TINY SKULL. I mean yes, me too, but.


ALMOST a wall

[ A section of Tyrava’s inside walls. It’s about eight feet of wall, framed out with room for a couple windows. ] That’s where I started Tuesday morning. I had a BUNCH of boards, including a lot of short pieces left over from the other walls, so all I hadda do was cut & sand …

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migrating blankets

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is laying on a pinky-purple knitted blanket that’s on my bed, next to the wall. ] Tom’s favourite blanket always starts the day here. Usually, Tom is on it.

cranky boy


I took Loiosh to the flea market in Grants yesterday, cos the weather was supposed to be nice, warm & not too windy, & he needed PEOPLE. … alas, it was WOOSHY WOOSH. I took him wandering a bit anyways, but when he jumped out of the stroller & into a cat carrier some guy …


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