Very Good Snuggles

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is tucked under the covers next to me. His head is sticking out; it’s next to my arm. He’s got one paw tucked up next to him, and his eyes are just a little open. ]

Every once in a while Tom will deign to come under the covers with me. (This happens FAR more often when we’re out & about & it’s below freezing, but who could blame him for that?)

I was JUST about to get up when he snuggled himself in next to me. Who could move? (Fortunately I didn’t have to pee. Too much.)

After a while he shifted around a bit, & decided to use my hand as a pillow, & that was even better.


[ One of his forepaws is tucked up against my fingers, and his massive head is resting in the palm of my hand. ]

He even fell asleep like that for a while … but then, so did I!

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