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[ A tangle of jewelry and jewelry parts sits on a wood surface. A necklace of fake turquoise and another with beads in a variety of greens and blues make up most of the pile. ]

Last week, it having been two weeks since I received my second Moderna shot, I hied me to a thrift store, because I needed a bunch of cheap jewelry chain for an upcoming project.

I haven’t started that project yet, but last Friday, on Woods Day, I got to play with some of the other stuff that came in the grab bag.

One lone bead stood out to me, & I started with that one.


[ An oval glass bead, pale green with streaks of gold, is threaded onto thin copper wire. Below it a spiral holds the beads in place; above it is a smaller, pale blue glass bead. ]

This clearly wanted to be the center drop inside a frame of copper, so that’s what I did.


[ A thicker piece of copper wire is curved into an oval. The top of the oval is closed, the drop I made above lays down the center, & the bottom, instead of being closed, has each end of the thick copper wire curved into a small loop, with a space between them. ]

Loiosh decided to halp.


[ The piece I described above is resting on a flat metal jewelry anvil. There’s an orange cat standing on it, only his hindpaws visible. ]

Eventually I was allowed to resume work.


[ The copper oval’s been hammered flat. Thinner wire wraps around it in a decorative fashion, holding small gold beads in place at intervals. A loop of thick copper wire is fastened to the top, and the drop with the beads hangs down the center. The end of the thin copper wire trails off below the piece. ]

I thought this one was going to want a lot more beads hanging from the bottom, but it just wanted a couple in the space between the loops.


[ The last of the thin copper wire runs between the two loops at the bottom of the piece; threaded onto it is a pale blue glass bead between two small gold beads. ]

It was getting on towards dark when that was done, but I had some time left, so I did a couple pair of earrings. Tom decided it was his turn to halp.


[ This time it’s a grey tabby on the work surface, and this time he’s mostly laying down. Pale belly fluff covers half the pendant. ]

I could NOT get the colour right on this pic, but this is kind’ve what everything looks like. I want to do some more pieces with this assortment of beads, & then I’ll do a dibs post before I make em available to the general public. Might be a week or two.


[ The pendant sits on a piece of black terrycloth, along with three pairs of earrings — one with oval gold beads below blue and green, one with long green beads below blue ones, one with oblong brown beads below round tan ones. ]

For how long it’s been since I had a proper Woods Day & how late we got there, I’m pretty happy with the day’s work. The pendant is especially pleasing to me.

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