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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is laying in a cat bed covered in purple batik fabric. He’s got his legs splayed in the classic ‘yes I’m washing THERE pose, and his head is blurry. ]

I caught the boy in a private moment earlier. Fortunately this doesn’t bother him.

… too much.


[ He’s lifted his head just a bit, and is glaring up at the camera. His tongue is still sticking out. ]

There was belly. I hadda pet the belly. It was vital. For national security.


[My great big hand takes up half the shot. He’s looking over my hand at the camera, resigned. ]

Finally, peace.


[ He’s curled up in the cat bed, tail tucked over his nose, but his eyes are still open & his ears express dubiousness. ]

& then he buggered off elsewhere, tired of playing model.

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