cats: tall trees edition

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[ An orange tabby wearing a green harness stands on a couple of rocks roughly his size, body facing the camera but head turned to gaze up to the left. ]

Loiosh welcomed the chance to employ some Dramatical Posing.

Really, we were all happy to be back in the woods. We spent a bit of time rambling around a patch of deep Ponderosa forest before heading back to where I’d left our stuff. In fact, Tom headed off that way while I was still getting set up to make jewelry, & refused to come back when I called him, so I hadda head up that way to find him.

He was perfectly pleased for us to join him.


[Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harness, is walking towards the camera, tail up, one forepaw raised.  Tall evergreens rise behind him, and the ground is covered in pine needles. ]

He really didn’t want to head back DOWN yet, though …


[ He’s still got his tail up but now he’s walking off towards the right. The light is filtered through the trees, the ground dappled with shade, but a single sunbeam falls upon his head. ]

Eventually we headed back down, where Loiosh decided to flirt with a smacking.


[ Tom’s sitting in a patch of reeds; Loiosh has his head bent and is trying to sniff Tom’s butt. ]

Loiosh got away with it, probably because Tom can’t be bothered to go to the effort of actually hitting him. He’s so patient.

Later on, Loiosh decided to have a nap in the sun.


[ Loiosh is meatloafed up, head in the shade of a ponderosa, the rest of his body in a sunbeam. He’s looking at the camera, eyes lazily open. The sunbeams and shadows are angled; the sun’s dipping low. ]

I tried to sneak up on him without waking him, but that wasn’t gonna happen. He waited a while to move, though, which was nice; I did manage a decent shot or two. The light was AMAZING annnnnnd … I really didn’t do a good job of taking advantage of that.


[ Closer up on Loiosh, who looks a little more awake. The upper right corner of the shot is basically a Michael Bay lens flare. ]

… ahh well. Practice, practice, practice.

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