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Friday night, I got home from Albuquerque, took a HOT bath, & went the hell to bed, cos it turns out that handing someone that much money at once is a BIT stressful & also, tiring.

… the LARGE plate of lo mein I bought & consumed on the way home probably helped with that, gotta admit.

But, well. I was tired enough I just pulled the van & trailer up in front of the house & headed inside. So my first task today was backing the trailer around the house, so it’s near the new worktable & on a relatively flat spot. I’ve apparently leveled up in trailer backing, cos I got it around the side of the house & in the spot I wanted & I only hadda back & fill like, twice.

Anyway having got it into the spot the next thing is to level it! Front to back is easy, that’s what the windy thing on the hitch receiver is for. I plunked a level on the side rail, wound the windy thing around a bunch, & eventually got it PERFECT.

The photo of the level sitting on one of the side rails is slightly tilted, but the bubble indicates that the rail itself is perfectly level.

Alas that leveling it side to side requires a jack & jack stands (they’re also on the shopping list for Tuesday) cos I plunked the level down on the back rail & it did this:

The photo is at quite a rakish angle. Judging by the background the trailer itself isn't near so tilted, but the bubble in the level shows it really needs to be lifted up on the right side.

Ahh, well. That’s fixable. In the meantime, I measured basically everything. Distance between rails, width of rails, width of trailer _including_ rails, width of that thing that goes over the tires …

The foldable ruler has been unfolded a bit, out to twelve inches, to measure the thing over the tires, which is nine inches wide.

(I’m probably going to want to learn the name of the thing that goes over the tires, so I don’t have to keep saying ‘the thing that goes over the tires’.)

& then, with actual measurements in hand, I took the rough plans I’d already done & started fleshing them out into the REAL plans.

A simple wireframe-style outline of the trailer, from above, with lines drawn in to indicate where various board will be placed. Ideally.

Which means I could make a REAL shopping list, instead of the vague ‘I will probably need this’ list I had going.

I’m not getting everything I need when I head to Home Despot on Tuesday, because I’d be there too long, there’d be too much to fit in the van, & also I JUST spent a whole bunch of money at once, I dunwanna do that again right away. It’ll just be enough to do the floor, the box, & the ledges.

… what do I mean by ‘the box’ & ‘the ledges’?

You’ll see!

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