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That was pretty much my first view of MY trailer that is MINE & that I can do what I want with. It was a BIT OVERWHELMING. I mean, though, also awesome!

Also stacked behind a bunch of other trailers, on account of it was done a week ago & I didn’t get the voicemail notification, but, well. The guy said he’d get a forklift & get the other ones out of the way.

How do you move a trailer with a forklift? Like this:

There's a forklift. Mounted on the end of one of the forks is a ball. Not that kind. It's the kind you hook a trailer to. It's about to be hooked to my trailer.

We got it hitched up to the van. I pulled out. & there was this really amazing feeling like a joint had just slipped back into place, like the square peg had settled solidly into the square hole. It was VERY good.

& look! I have a trailer!

It's the same trailer, but now it's hitched to the back of my van, where it belongs.

Next up: leveling & measuring & planning!

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