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Yesterday I picked up my new trailer.

Today I did a bunch of measuring & planning & sketching & taking pictures & stuff.

If I stick with my usual schedule of posting process posts only once a week, I’ll either be barely sketching out what I’m doing, or posting once a week well into 2023, & since I want to document this build pretty thoroughly, neither of these is gonna work.

So my current plan with my Patreon is thus: there’s still gonna be cat pictures once a week or so, but I’m also going to be posting about the tinker’s wagon build more-or-less every day I get something done.

That’s gonna be a LOT of posts. I’m pretty okay with this.

As usual, each post will unlock for non-patrons a week later, & also show up in the usual other places. (This one’s posting everywhere immediately, just so everyone knows what’s going on.)

For those of y’all who follow along elsewhere — thank you! Please keep reading, keep commenting, I love y’all. You’ll be reading stuff a week or so old, but so far as I know none of y’all need this in any time-critical fashion, so we’re all good.

That said, I would not mind AT ALL if a couple of you decided to sign on to my Patreon. Just a $1 pledge a month will get you immediate access to my building posts, plus the usual cat pictures. & I’m gonna be pretty busy for the next couple months, so having a lil extra money around to buy freezer pizza & Chef Boyardee instead of stuff I have to cook? I would be VERY grateful for that.

I’ll be posting about picking up the trailer shortly, for my patrons — the rest of you will get to read about it in a week. Tomorrow I’ll post about the measuring & planning, Tuesday I’ll tell you about going to Home Despot to get my first load of construction materials … I am SO excited about this.

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for at least twenty years, & it’s finally happening. I’m glad you’re here to share with with me.

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