okay it’s not my ragweed

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but these are definitely ungulates.

I was driving randomly around backroads Thoreau (which is, truly, most of Thoreau) when I happened upon a mixed herd of sheep & goats.

More sheep! They're white with black legs, except for that one in the back that's sort of brown.

Just kinda farting around, grazing on stuff along the side of the road. As mowing efforts go, I think I like this better than, you know, mowers.

Sheep on the side of the road! Some of them have black faces as well as black legs. That brown one's in the middle.

Mostly white but not entirely, some with babies but mostly not, mostly not sheared.

Just entirely random sheep & goats, hanging around on the edge of the road.

More sheep! Also some goats! The goats are all kinds of colours & generally unruly.

(The shepherd _was_ there, along with an extremely flopped sheepdog, but they were just keeping half an eye on everyone, not trying to move them along or anything.)

They were kind enough to stay out of my way! Except for this one.

The view down the road, which contains one single solitary goat who's standing in my way, gazing contemplatively off into the distance. Goats, I tell ya.

Eventually I was allowed to continue on my way.

The goat has buggered off to the side of the road, but is staring at me in an Extremely Judgy manner.

Goats, man. What are you gonna do.

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