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I did get most of the trim on last Monday, but then there was Stuff & I didn’t get back to it until the end of the week, so here is where I started yesterday morning.

The hinges were in the way of putting the trim on the right side of the door, but I wanted it off anyway to work on it, so that wasn’t a problem.

The door has been removed from the doorway -- one corner is just visible inside -- & trim has been added down the right side. There still isn't trim along the bottom though.

I measured & cut a piece to go along the bottom …

A piece of plywood sits on a table in the sun, with a cutting guide camped to it, which is the only way I manage to cut anything in a straight line.

… & traced a curve so that it would match the rest of the side trim.

My hand, holding the template with the trim pattern on it up to the right side of the piece of bottom trim.

Couple coats of paint.

A piece of plywood, four inches wide & a couple feet long, one short end cut into a curve. It's sitting on a table in the sun, & most of it has been painted purple.

While that was drying, I worked on the door. It had started to split a little, where water had gotten into the filling stuff, but I have gorilla glue & lots of clamps.

The short end of the door is being held together with a bunch of clamps. That's because the filling of the door is kind of particle board, which swelled when it got wet. I squeezed a buncha glue into the cracks & clamped it good.

I figure enough coats of paint over that & water will never get into it again.

In the meantime, I got that last piece into place. Looks good!

The door now has pretty purple trim all the way around!

Just had to fill in a couple gaps with caulk, & poof! It’s a door frame.

The bottom right corner of the door frame. White caulk is visible where the framing boards meet at the corner, & where the trim piece connects to the frame piece. Much smaller gaps than last time!

Next up, painting the edges of the door & putting together the shutter for the front window!

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