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A horse skull & three old bottles sit on a carpeted floor. Also, I need to vacuum.

We brought home LOTS of treasure. LOOK at all this piñon resin. It’s more than five ounces, & that long piece in the back is an ounce & a half all on its own.

A pile of amber-coloured resin. One piece, in the back, is like three inches long.

I found a cool carved-stone pipe that I kinda love.

The bowl of the pipe is very round, & it's cut from a peachy-white stone. The stem is short & cut from a light grey stone.

The horse skull is what I went out to fetch — a friend needs one, so I’m going to ship it to them — & it’s REALLY cool. Needs a wash though.

The horse skull, seel from directly above.

Excellent bottles:

Three glass bottles. The lefthand one is clear & about the size of a wine bottle; the center one is brown, the same shape as the first but larger around; the shirt is maybe half the height, clear, & flattened like a flask.

… yep, it’s Bacardi.

A close view of the lefthand bottle, which has the Bacardi bat logo cast into it.

Horse jaws & teeth.

A close view of part of the horse's lower jaw, with some teeth still attached. A loose tooth lays on the carpet next to it.

& lastly, two Very Good Rocks.

One rock is smooth & white, with patches of rougher pinky-tan. The other is rough, mostly pale orange, with a brown stripe running along it.

Always keep your eyes open — you never know what you’ll find!

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