asploring with a tomcat

mostly because he’s the only one of the lot who’ll happily follow along without buggering off somewhere & winding up across the street, YES, I’M TALKING TO YOU, LOIOSH

Me & my roommate Inoru went off walkies a day or two ago; I’d spotted a hrse skull I wanted to pick up, & they wanted to get out of the house for a bit, & we decided to let Tom come along too. He had quite a lot of fun, sniffed MANY things, & returned rather more dust-coloured than before.

He zoomed up a tree & then couldn’t quite figure out how to get down. We helped by laughing really hard & taking pictures.

Spot the cat toes!

A view up into the branches of a pinyon pine tree; blue sky is visible behind it. Just below the center of the photo, Tom's paw is visible, resting on a branch, with a bit of the rest of his leg stretching up to the right. The rest of him is behind the treetrunk.

He got it figured out …

Major Tom is perched in the branches of a pinyon pine, looking down & to the right. His perch is kinda precarious & he looks very intent.

… but it took him a while.

Pretty much the same spot but now he's looking straight down. He is SO DUSTY.

Yes, this is a grey tabby. Once he’s had a good wash, anyway.

He's laying on the kitchen floor, very much at his ease. His fur is basically brown. Even his belly, which is usually white, is reddish tan.

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