inventing a window, part IV, trim again, or still

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Remember how I glued everything ahead of time & that was gonna fix everything? HAHAHAHA nope.

So I figured while I was waiting for that to dry TWICE, because I couldn’t glue the broken-off point back on until I’d cut that curve & I couldn’t cut that curve until I’d glued the crack that was threatening to make it fall off, this is a very long sentence & I have lost track of my clauses.

ANYWAY I figured I’d get started on the shutter that’s going over said window. I did this by continuing to take apart the worktable I made last year & basically don’t use.

A tabletop put together out of pallet boards, except it's on its side for easy access to take it the hell apart.

I managed to get enough pieces off & cut em to the right length, more or less. Voila: most of a shutter!

Seven pallet boards lined up next to each other -- they vary in width, but they've all been cut to the same length. A couple more are sitting on top of them.

I even had time to sand a bunch of em. Not gonna put them together until the hinges show up, though, because I’m still waffling on how that part is gonna work. Or how I’m gonna latch it shut, or how I’m gonna prop it open … look, this is all happening as it goes.

The boards are now in three stacks on top of a white table. The righthand stack is smooth.

Eventually the glue dried! I cut the last bits off, sanded it nice & smooth, took both pieces of side trim inside to paint them because it was windy & I was NO, & eventually took them back outside to put them in place.

Tyrava's front window now sports purple-painted trim pieces on all four sides! The upper right corner is a thick line of white caulk, because I am terrible at measuring things!

& then I had at with the caulk, because have I mentioned I’m not terribly good at precision? It’s all good, it’ll dry clear & I’ll paint over it.

Next up, the rest of that shutter!

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