this one just has cats in it


I’ve been gently reminded that I haven’t been posting enough cat pictures so here is an attempt to change that.

Also Major Tom is REALLY patient.

In this one he looks like a hardboiled detective. I don’t think they usually get chin scritches though.

In this one he's facing the camera directly, & my hand is under his chin. I shoulda photoshopped in a shot of whiskey.

The above two photos were taking by Inoru, since my phone has ceased to be able to focus. Fortunately they have an EXCELLENT phone camera; also fortunate that I kept my old phone when I got the new one, because the camera in that one, while not very good, still works just fine. & right now is really NOT the time to be buying a new phone if one can help it at all.

In the process of testing the old phone I of course took a bunch of cat pictures. They were Very Halpful in this endeavour & did nothing more than give me dirty looks for daring to disturb them.

Loiosh is flopped on the bed, looking just to the right of the camera with an expression of very pointed patience.

Mom. Mom I was sleeping.

A closeup of his face. He is very handsome & also very cranky.

Tom didn’t even bother to wake up.

Tom is, in fact, curled up in a wee tiny ball on the bed, although 'tiny' is a relative term in this case.

… although those ears _are_ having an Opinion.

They're definitely sticking out at angles.

Wouldn’t be the first time he’s ignored me.

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