inventing a window part III, trim with a side of window screen

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Cutting the second piece of trim went MUCH better with all the loose parts glued into place!

Hahaha kidding, no it didn’t.

Why yes, a small piece of trim _has_ separated itself from the rest of the trim! AUGH

It was only a little piece, & I had more glue! But WOW am I glad I’m done with the load-bearing parts of this.

ANYWAY that was only a brief delay & then it was back to sanding & painting.

A length of trim a couple feet long, painted a deep purple, & cut at an angle at the ends to fit neatly around the window. In theory.

I put the entire bottom piece of trim on before I remembered the screen needed to go first. Look, there’s just a lot going on right now, okay?

The window now has a screen! It is stapled directly to the outside wall around the window, because I am basic that way!

But that was pretty easy to do, & hey, the next bit went really easily! Because I’d already done it once!

There's a piece of purple trim fastened along the bottom edge of the window! For the second time today!

Look at that thing, though. Just gotta do two more pieces of trim, & it’s gonna look GREAT.

The window now has a second piece of trim fastened along the top edge! The trim covers the edges of the screen nicely.

I even got a start on the other two pieces! But I decided this time I was gonna glue things together BEFORE I took them apart with the saw.

A pretty blurry close view of a rough plank with white glue drying in some of the larger cracks.

I am capable of learning from my own mistakes!

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