inventing a window, part II, trim

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I woke up this morning with a snuggly Hades. Eventually, though, it was window time.

Up until this morning I was gonna make the window trim (which will also hold the window screen in place) out of the same plywood I used for the corner trim, but I kept going over that part of the process in my head & not liking it. This morning, I cut one small piece from plywood, said ‘bugger this’, & spent half an hour taking apart the workbench I built from pallet wood last summer.

Sometimes it happens like that. I think through the process I’m gonna do, it doesn’t want to settle, & then when I actually start, BING, I know what I need to do. All that pre-processing finally makes sense.

Anyway this meant I needed to cut that schmancy shape out of pallet wood instead of plywood, which was fine, once I got it traced right.

A rough, weathered board lays on a table outside. The same trim pattern that runs up the corners of the tinker's wagon is traced on it in sharpie.

check THAT out

The board's been cut into the fancy trim design, & both ends are cut at a 45% angle. My hand is visible, holding the board up along the bottom edge of the window. It's the right size, which isn't always the case when I'm the one holding the saw.

I got that one sanded down nicely & then cut the second one, which was … not as cooperative. But I have glue!

Another board has mostly been cut to the same shape, except for one of the arched parts, which isn't cut all the way because I had to glue it back together. It's old wood; there are limits.

Gonna let that dry overnight, finish cutting it, sand it down, & then paint em both. Hypothetically I should be able to cut all four pieces & fit them together just fine except that I am bad at precision, so I’m gonna put these two in place before I start the side pieces. That way I can adjust on the fly, when my careful measuring comes to naught & nothing quite fits right.

… hey, I know my limitations.

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