stapling flappy things in the wind

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Above is a picture of the side of the roof I wanted to get housewrap over today! Note that there is a tarp over it! Which I did NOT want to take all the way back off, because bugger that for a lark!

So I futzed the bungee cords over the ends like so, thus allowing only half the tarp to flap neatly over the roof,

The front of the tinker's wagon. The tarp is held down by a bungee that's hooked to the middle of the tarp, leaving the part of it on the left free.

which then allowed me to do this all along that edge:

A corner of the roof of the tinker's wagon, which now has housewrap neatly taped to it.

Handling a roll of something on a very tilty surface is tricky. Fortunately I have clamps.

The roll of housewrap is neatly clamped to the edge of the roof, because I am SMART.

Once that was done, I could flap the tarp back over that side, get it lined up VERY carefully, & FINALLY start stapling that down, YAY!

That having been accomplished, my next step was to climb up ON the roof & continue with the stapling of flappy things. I have no pictures of this part, because I was juggling about six different tools while twelve feet in the air & also the un-stapled part of the tarp kept trying to beat me up. It was Very Pleasant.

But! Almost two-thirds of the roof is now covered in stapled, taped-down housewrap! & almost exactly half of it is covered in stapled-down tarp! & I am Very Tired! But gaze upon my accomplishment!

It's a white tarp. It's pretty impossible to tell what it's on top of.

… okay, that could be most any chunk of tarp laid over most any vaguely curved thing. Take my word for it, that’s the roof.

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