the continuing saga of Roof

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Because of the rafters, I needed more than sixteen feet of roof. To be precise, as seen above, I needed sixteen feet & 20.5 inches of roof, so that’s what I cut.

That piece went on the back section of the roof, & the rest of that sheet of plywood went along the side, which is enough to cover nearly the entire roof.

A view of the back half of the tinker's wagon's roof, from the side. Nearly all of it is covered in plywood now, but there's a gap to the left side, at the base of the roof.

There’s just a bit of a gap left in the middle. I’ve got enough thin plywood to cover that up, but that’s got to wait a while, because right now, that’s the only way I can safely get on & off the roof.

I had to go round to the other side & screw down the bottom edge of that board, as before. Tom helped.

A view, facing down, of my boots, a cordless saw, & a mostly-empty bin of screws, all of which are on the folding worktable I've been using. Major Tom is sitting on the ground, looking up.

Or maybe he just wanted a Love.

Pretty much the same view, except now Major Tom is on the table next to my boots.

Of course nothing quite fits like it’s supposed to — that’s how the world works, & also, I can’t cut a straight line — so this needed to be trimmed down before I could fasten the roof at that corner.

The top of one of the pieces of gingerbread trim that covers the corners of the tinker's wagon. It's sticking up past the curve where the roof's supposed to go by about an inch.

That’s okay, to misquote Grimjack. I’ve got another saw.

Now it's not.

Did I mention I can’t cut a straight line? Cos I can’t cut a straight line. This is lined up.

It's the joint where two of the sheets of roof plywood are supposed to line up, except that they don't. Some of the gap is a good three-quarters of an inch wide.

This is, also, why I’m glad I bought three rolls of Tyvek tape. I was gonna be taping all of the gaps between boards anyway.

Tyvek tape will, as the saying goes, cover a multitude of sins, or at least gaps, which is what it's done here.

The view from inside. Roof!

Yep, that's what it is. The light shows through the Tyvek tape a bit.

With bonus skylight!

The unfinished section of the roof, seen from the inside. It's maybe two feet wide & a foot and a half high.

Next up, I’ll be coming up with a way to fasten down the bit where the plywood overlaps, taping up the rest of the gaps, & covering the entire roof with housewrap. Then, napping.

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