a very Halpful tomcat

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I’ve been letting Major Tom come outside with me every so often while I’m working on the tinker’s wagon; it’s not baby bunny season, he’s staying close to the house, & anyway he’s a quick little (big) shit & I can’t always catch him on the way out the door.

He’s been … concerned about my work on the roof. The first time he was outside while I was working on it, he paced around the van & the tinker’s wagon crying, because he could hear me but he couldn’t find me. He was not comforted when he realized where I was — apparently humans aren’t supposed to be able to climb things that cats can’t. Although it’s slightly hilarious that cats apparently never think to look up EITHER.

The top picture is the cold shoulder he gave me when I got back down. That didn’t last long though. Look, he was just worried, humans aren’t BUILT for climbing, can’t I leave the climbing to him.

An extreme & blurry closeup of Tom's face, which he's rubbing on my hand with extreme vigour.

… anyway there was a lot of purring & headbonks & general drama & then we went inside, at which point he commenced occupation of one of his current favourite spots.

Tom is half-curled, laying in a large cardboard box filled with packing paper.

… what?

Pretty much the same picture, but in this one he's looking up towards the camera. What?
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