moar roof

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But first, a break to demolish some pallets, first, cos the wood will want a couple days to dry before I start putting it on the wall.

Look! Wood!

Eight boards of various widths & lengths lean against the inside wall of the tinker's wagon.

The daily commute.

A toolbag & a water bottle sit on the roof of the van. The front drivers side door is open; that's my ladder.

Easier & safer to scramble around on roofs without the boots on.

A really great pair of Manitobah Mukluks boots lay on the roof of the van. In front of them is my leg. I'm wearing black leggings & a grey wool sock. Well, two, but only one is in the picture.

This goes faster now that I know what I’m doing!

There's another sheet of plywood on the roof of the tinker's wagon. The view is from the side of the wagon, & level with the roof.

It is MOST of a roof now.

Another view of the roof, this time from on the roof itself. It's taken at an angle & basically there's plywood as far as the eye can see.

I sent this picture to my mom & my Aunt Ann because I’m mean.

The van roof, scattered with tools, boots, & the water bottle. It's very clearly taken by someone who was on the roof at the time. My family is very patient & very worried.

More wood!

This time there are fifteen boards leaning against the inside wall of the tinker's wagon.

Next up: yet more roof.

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