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When I last posted about the front wall it was ALMOST but NOT QUITE finished to the top on the right side of the doorway. As the top picture shows, it is now finished ALL THE WAY UP on the right side of the doorway!

(Okay, the arch isn’t done, but I don’t need that to put the door in.)

That was earlier last week. Saturday I went out & got a bunch more done on it. First I had to haul more styrofoam insulation outside — I’m gonna use either cotton or wool on the rest of the walls, but I figured I might as well use up the rest of the styrofoam from doing the floor.

Better than letting Loiosh eat it.

There wasn’t enough left to fill in the entire wall but I filled in the spaces I’ll need for the door & a bit extra, with some creative trimming to fill in gaps & use every scrap. It’d be more efficient if each wall section had one entire piece of styrofoam, but SO MUCH waste. I can always hang a blanket over it if it lets too much cold air in.

The framed-out section of the front wall beween the hole for the window & the doorway has been filled in with styrofoam insulation, in sort of a jigsaw puzzle kind of way.

I found a great spot to hold my drill & electric screwdriver & the screws!

The cabinet I bought last week has a shelf near the bottom, & the shelf now holds a couple of drills & a container of screws.

My roommate Inoru came out to help with some roof stuff (about which more later) & then hung around to help with the wall. It goes a lot faster when I can use one hand to hold the screw & the other to hold the drill, instead of having to hold the board up with one hand & do everything else with the other! They got to try sanding with the flap wheel, too. Partly, I admit, because my wrist was getting CRANK TASTIC.

The wall section to the left of the door is now covered in boards from the top to about halfway down. Inoru, a white person with short blondish hair, is standing in the doorway, looking pleased, & wearing a green shirt that says 'I can get you on the naughty list'.

(Don’t they look PROUD? Also I love their shirt.)

We got a BUNCH done, & those two top boards go all the way to the other wall, too. Eventually I ran outa boards, though, so my next task will be disassembling more pallets. Plus I gotta keep going on the roof, but more about that later!

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