this is the Very Most Excellent Idea

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By which I mean yes, I AM using my van as scaffolding.

… look, unlike a ladder, my van will. Not. Fall. Over.

I got a sheet of plywood over the front of the roof with fairly minimal stress (& some assistance from my roommate), but I was hoping I’d be able to climb from the van roof to the tinker’s wagon roof & nope, the height difference is just too much.

At the bottom of the picture, my shoes. At the top, the rafters of the tinker's wagon. In between is a lot of wall. Also, I'm on a van.

… but it was a start.

The front wall of the tinker's wagon, which now sports a thin sheet of plywood resting across the rafters.

The next step was to pull the van very close to the SIDE of the tinker’s wagon & work from there, with Inoru standing nearby to call 911 if necessary (& take pics of course).

Me, a white person, kneeling on top of the van, as seen from below, I'm wielding a drill in each hand & have a probably terrifying grin on my face.

BEST IDEA no i have NOT shown these pictures to my mom

Also from the ground: I'm laying on my belly on top of the tinker's wagon. I'm on top of a sheet of plywood, not just the rafters, because I am not ENTIRELY foolish. I'm wielding a drill.

… but hey, it’s starting to resemble a roof!

Inside the tinker's wagon, looking up. That plywood is curving neatly over the rafters & is, in fact, enclosing that corner of the tinker's wagon.

In a patchwork sort of way, because you can’t, alas, buy 4×10 sheets of plywood.

One of the front corners of the tinker's wagon, from the outside. A separate piece of plywood runs along the lower edge of the roof & is not entirely attached to the bigger pieces, though they overlap.

(pause while Jasper finds somewhere I can order 4×10 sheets of plywood)

The roof from inside, showing where the two pieces of plywood overlap.

It is not ENTIRELY roof yet but it is LOTS roof!

Inside the tinker's wagon, showing some roof & also some blue sky with white puffy clouds.

Next up? MORE ROOF

(turns out you CAN buy 4×10 sheets of plywood MY BAD)

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