yes it’s actually a door now

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I sanded it & then painted it purple, because have you met me.

Then I put hinges on. HUGE hinges. They came with the door.

A really butch-looking hinge fastened to the edge of the door. Also a couple tools.

Then I wrestled it into the doorframe in roughly the right position, after which, when I went inside to get my roommate to give me a hand, it fell the hell back out, because it was WINDY AS HELL that day.

Door in doorframe! Temporarily! This is from the inside, & this side of the door is still boring brown.

I stacked up the worktable & a variety of other objects outside to help hold the door at the right height, because even cut down that far it would’ve taken both me & my roommate to hold it up, & even then it woulda been HARD. & then we wrestled the door BACK into the doorframe.

The door from the outside! It is vigorously purple! The doorframe isn't painted yet though & I need to fix that.

Then my roommate held it more-or-less in place from the outside while I also held it more-or-less in place on the inside with one hand while fumbling for screws with the other. In the ridiculous wind.

… which was. A LOT of fun. But somehow we actually got it right, which is slightly amazing to me.

There’s a pretty big gap where the hinges go, cos I didn’t cut mortises. so I’m gonna hafta take it back down & do that, but now that there are screw holes, getting it back into the right place will be a LOT easier. Anyway that let me take this cool pic.

The door from the inside again, close up on the gap where the hinges are. The sun is shining brightly through the gap in a way that recalls a Michael Bay lens flare. DRAMATIC

In the meantime, it closes (more or less) & opens (sufficiently) & keeps the wind outside (pretty much) & you know, that’ll do.

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