lil road trip

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I had to go to Albuquerque to get a bunch of things done, so of course the boys went with me.

Loiosh does NOT like his sweater, despite the blinky eyes in the pic above. I think I need to trim the belly part a bit; it looks like it hangs up when he tries to walk. But it’s long enough for him, which is hard to find with dog sweaters.

One of the reasons for the trip was that Loiosh had to get his teeth cleaned (& wound up having four of them pulled). While he was in durance vile, I took Tom & Hades to the park.

I found a great big pile of dirt, so of course I climbed it. I really don’t know why they didn’t follow me up there.

Mom? Where’s Mom?

A view from above of Hades, a longhaired black cat, & Major Tom, a shorthaired grey tabby, both wearing harnesses & leashes. They're both sitting down & looking off to the left.

MOM what are you doing UP THERE

Tom's still sitting but Hades has stood up & is looking upwards at the camera. He's got yellow eyes.

I got Hades a new harness. It’s terribly cute but I need to get a better picture of it. He’s such a handsome boy, & the harness fits him nicely.

Hades in profile, sitting & gazing off to the left. The sun shines on his fur. He's wearing a light blue vest harness with little dark blue fish on it. It goes well with his blue leash.

No, I didn’t take any pictures of Loiosh when he was st0ned as crap, I’m not a TOTAL jerk.

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