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Y’all, salvage is where it’s AT.

I got two solid wood, huge, HEAVY doors. For five bucks apiece. When I build a shed, I’m making the walls out of DOORS, they’re cheaper than PLYWOOD.

ALSO I got a nice lil cabinet for fifteen. Seriously, this place is DANGEROUS.

Check out the cabinet:

A wooden cabinet, six feet high, maybe two feet across, & eight inches deep. It's inside the tinker's wagon, tucked in between the front door & window.

That’s where it’s gonna go although I haven’t fastened it there yet. The inside is distressingly white but that’s fixable. It can hold cloaks! & shoes!

It's the white melamine inside, meh. But it's got a double hook at the top & a shelf maybe six inches up from the bottom. It'll do.

Anyway here’s a door. No, I can’t pick it up, but I can kind’ve shuffle it along & tilt it & lift the end.

One of the hugetastic doors, now in the tinker's wagon. It's on the workbench but you can't tell because the workbench entirely disappears beneath it. Sitting on it are a couple of rulers & a smaller piece of wood with measurements scribed thereon.

This is not a recommended method for holding down one end of a cutting guide. Ask me how I know.

One end of the cutting guide is properly clamped down. The other end, which doesn't reach to the far side of the door, is held down by a really heavy-looking hunk of wood. Don't do this, it doesn't work.

BUT HEY it’s doorlike? & there are lots of ways to fill in the gaps?

The much smaller door is sitting in the doorframe! Gaps are visible pretty much all round! Because I am bad at cutting straight lines!

Next up: Hinges! & then I ask my roommate to hold the door up while I get it attached! I hope it doesn’t fall on them!

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