Very Complex Door

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This way I don’t breathe sawdust! As much!

Which is good cos holy CATS does this door make a lot of sawdust.

There's a little bit of wood visible under the sawdust, but basically this picture is a lot of sawdust.

But I mean. LOOK at this wood.

It's the freshly-sawn edge of the door. It is, also, nice wood, in really great shape.

I could NOT get the doorknob out …

My hand, holding about half an old beat-up doorknob, the guts of which are firmly stuck.

I spent a really depressing amount of time trying to cut the metal guts of the doorknob before I thought of something else.

There's half a doorknob sitting on the door, no longer stuck! Also, a jigsaw. Also, the wood between where the doorknob went & the edge of the door has ben cut away. Brilliant!

That plus a LOT of long cuts left me here:

It's the door, now cut so the pieces, added together, make it the right width, but the other thing they do is fail to line up properly. That's because I'm bad with saws.

& the trouble is pretty obvious: even with a cutting guide I can’t cut a damn straight line. This simply isn’t gonna go back together the way I wanted it to.

Fortunately I have a backup plan. (My backup plans have backup plans.) Shortly I will commence Operation: That Other Door. But right now, I need a damn nap.

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