so many painting

plus a small bout of screwing things to other things, as see above.

All the gingerbread is on, & I’ve caulked the gaps where the boards didn’t QUITE meet. Plus I managed to get that hunk of plywood in place. I put the worktable right up against the back wall, put the coffee table I stole from the abandoned house on top, & it was the right height to hold the plywood in place while I got a couple screws in. *whew*

I thought I’d taken a picture of that, but apparently it didn’t stick. Alas!

The entire left wall is painted!

The left wall of the tinker's wagon, now entirely painted in pale lavender, with purple gingerbread trim fastened over the corner with the back wall.

Plus the bottom half of the right wall. I decided to do that instead of futzing with the door, cos that’ll be easier to do in cold weather than painting. In the meantime, it’ll at least keep the rain out.

The right wall has been painted the same pale lavender to about halfway up, with the rest covered by the white tarp that also goes over the top of the wagon. An old wooden door covers the side doorway, & it's braced in place by two pallets.

The tarp is fastened back down over the front of the tinker’s wagon. Tomorrow I’ll be painting over the caulk on the back corners & putting the tarp back over the back, so everything stays nice & dry Tuesday.

The weather’s looking to be cold for Christmas & a couple days afterwards, so I’ll be taking a bit of a break. Then it’s all doors, windows, & the roof!

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